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4 ways makes it easy for chiller energy efficiency
Jun 22, 2016

Chiller is widely used in industry, after years of research and production, summarizes several viable energy-saving methods.

1, reconstruction of cooling tower. Reduce condensation temperature on the premise of equipment to meet safety and production requirements, to maximize the evaporation temperature and reducing the condensing temperature.

2, prevent and reduce scaling in pipes. In addition to water treatment technologies, can also make use of pipe pipe cleaning automatic cleaning equipment on a regular basis.

3, adjust the running load chiller equipment

In the case of guarantee the safe operation of the equipment, refrigeration is running in 70%-80% 100% load is the load than run, unit cooling capacity of power more smaller. Use this power in conjunction with water pumps, cooling tower operation of comprehensive consideration.

4, set the right temperature set value

According to use, set the temperature to the set value for energy has a great help. If accuracy is not too high users, can be set to the positive and negative 2~3du, meet the needs, reduce the number of compressor starts and stops, and also greatly reduces the energy consumption.

Above is a chiller energy saving methods, hope that works for you.