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Aquarium Water Chillers, Saltwater Coral Tank,Hydroponics
Oct 22, 2016

                                                  Why choose a LANDO Chiller? 

I'm glad you asked!

LANDO Chillers are constructed using high grade materials to quickly and efficiently chill liquids. Doesn't matter if it's freshwater, saltwater, or even glycol, if you pump it through a LANDO Chiller it's going to get cold all the same. Lando Chillers will bring down the temperature in any tank fast and maintain the temperature easier than any other chiller of its size.   Yet our chiller typically cost less because you are buying direct from the manufacturer, there are no middle men here! 

We design our chillers with oversized titanium coils, the extra surface area allows for faster and more efficient cooling.   The typical commercial unit coming from China is designed with the bare minimum coil surface area, which means the unit will need to run longer, and work harder to accomplish the same work.

To protect your purchase we double box it using 2 heavy duty high strength boxes with heavy duty air pads between boxes, ensuring it arrives safely.  The "other" guys typically chance it and ship in a single, lighter weight, less protected carton, not intended for parcel shipping, but rather less rigorous palletized shipping.