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Basic Nutrient Lando Hydroponic Chiller Usage Guidelines
May 03, 2017

Basic Nutrient Lando Hydroponic Chiller Usage Guidelines

Wherever and whenever possible, you should position your Nutrient Lando Hydroponic Chiller outside of the grow room or 

grow tent. Remember, each unit is basically a mini-refrigerator so expect a little heat to be generated (externally, obviously!) 

from the parts that are working hard to provide the cooling effect.


Correctly spec the Nutrient Chiller for the volume of water being treated. Indeed rather than selecting a model that will only

 just accommodate your cooling needs, go for one clearly capable of dealing with the amount of water you intend to use. 

After all - the bigger the chiller, the less time is required to reach the target temperature.

The heat of the summer typically has growers searching for the latest and greatest extractor fans and air circulators but it's not 

just ambient temperatures you need to keep a close eye on. Conditions in your nutrient solution are equally as important as 

conditions in the atmosphere, with hotter feeds containing less oxygen than those at the right level. For hydroponics set ups, 

using a nutrient Lando Hydroponic chiller will help ensure your plants remain happy and able to grow to their full potential. 

Find out which model is right for you.

During the hotter months of the year, a Nutrient Lando Hydroponic Chillers enables you to maintain optimum nutrient solution

temperatures of 18-21oC for maximum plant growth.

The problem with ignoring the heat is that the consequential warm water contains less dissolved oxygen than a cooler form, 

leading to poor root growth and functionality as well as increased risk of root diseases - e.g. pythium.

Frequently irrigated hydroponics systems like Bubblers/DWC, NFT and Flood and Drain will greatly benefit from close 

control of nutrient solution temperatures, since the roots are most susceptible in these particular types of set ups.

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