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Chiller applications in fine direction
Jun 22, 2016

In recent years, Chinese manufacturing has rapidly diversified, refrigeration equipment is no exception, the industry torrent, chiller changed in response to the times, in the updated revision, based on large, energy-saving, environmental protection, standardization, fine and intelligent development, chromatography freezer Lab products such as lyophilized as well.

According to the refrigeration Express Reporter, with China's accession to the WTO, manufacturing has entered a golden age, and competitive market demand on product quality has greatly improved. Cold water may be used in many areas.

Water machine is a means of vapor-compression or absorption cycle to achieve cooling effect of energy-saving machines. Cold water machine known as the cooling water circulation machine, also known as refrigerator, cooler, freezer, chiller, chiller, mini chillers, industrial chillers, refrigeration units, low temperature chiller, laser chillers, widely used in various industries, according to different industries and its aliases are numerous.

Chiller water cooled and air cooled divided into two. Air cooled chillers, including water tanks and pumps, no cooling towers cooling. Easy installation and mobile. But the high requirements on the environment, first of all, because it is hot air circulation for cooling, so if you install workplace ventilation is not good, will directly affect the chiller cooling effect. In addition, if you want to put chillers in the presence of humidity in the dust-free workshop, will generate a lot of water vapor.

Water cooled chillers, into open chillers, enclosed (called tank chiller) and screw chillers. Water cooled chillers, want to install cooling towers and water pump, in order to achieve a better cooling effect. Open the cold water machine, and want to install a water tank, sealing is not necessary, because he has a built-in water tank. Open is normally installed outside the shop, easy to repair, but because its not beautiful, so I have a sealed water-cooled chiller. Sealed water-cooled chiller is a box structure, easy to install, easy to use, refrigeration YEUNG Sum's customer base in the United States are more popular. But if you demand for cooling capacity is large enough, we suggest you use screw-chillers, if you chiller compressor above 100HP is required, we recommend you use a screw type chiller.

Cold water machine on plastic mechanical of role: 1, and cold water machine application Yu plastic processing mechanical forming mold cooling, can greatly improve plastic products surface finish, reduced plastic products surface lines marks and within stress, makes products not shrink, and not deformation, easy plastic products of release, accelerated products stereotypes, to great to improve plastic forming machine of production efficiency; 2, and cold water machine application Yu NC machine, and coordinates boring, and grinder, and processing center, and combination machine and various precision machine spindle lubrication and hydraulic system drive media of cooling, To precisely control temperature of oil, effectively reducing the thermal deformation of machine tools, improving processing accuracy.

Selection of air conditioning refrigeration chiller market experts recommend to the attention of: 1 standard chiller temperature is 5 degrees (20 degrees down 15 degrees), if a standard chiller TF-LS chiller per hour flow 3.5 cubic. On probation when the chiller is not only cold water flow depends on temperature is needed, if the trial temperature is 58 degrees, down from 7 degrees, big temperature difference, it will reduce the chilled water flow rate per hour, reduced from 3.5 m to more than 1 cubic meters. To need 3.5 cubic meters per hour flow of cold water, then to select a larger model. 2, in the trial when the chiller also depends on cooling, or indirect cooling. Direct cooling water directly into cold water machine, needed products directly out of frozen water inside cooling, cooling effect is better. Is equivalent to the indirect cooling water in pot, pot in a small pot, a pot to put cooling products, indirect cooling effects are relatively less. So, at the time of selection, taking into account in this regard. 3, some users use the pool for cooling, have the following disadvantages: poor water quality, easy to plug the machine waterways, causing greater loss; waste water, increased user costs; when the weather is hot, the water temperature does not meet requirements, impact on product quality and efficiency.