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Chiller development trends
Jun 22, 2016

With the rapid development of economy, science and technology continuously upgrade the strength of our chiller manufacturing technology is also changing, is gradually narrowing the gap with developed countries, but the main core components such as compressors, compressor, the majority of the joint venture or foreign goods, which inadvertently increases the cost of the enterprise.

In modern society, and more used refrigeration equipment, modern refrigeration equipment chillers for cooling, chiller market development prospects. Cold water machine for technologically advanced countries are still some Western developed countries. Their development trends are combined with the reality of the country to significantly improve chiller chiller form, and constantly improve performance, achieve chiller size smaller, increases the effectiveness of results.

Experts pointed out that, in an increasingly competitive market, chiller technology maturing today, miniaturization and high efficiency chiller has become a new trend. Also, to adapt to the rapid development of industrial production, more personalized, more fitting production products will continue to emerge.