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Chiller in the industrial classification
Jun 22, 2016

Chiller category there are a lot of kinds of uses is very wide, it is widely used in the industry. Moreover, the advantages of industrial chillers, determines the chiller will become more and more widely used in the industry. Industrial chillers all kinds of spare parts can be said are based on the quality and reliability of products, so that it can better protect the stability of industrial chillers run. In production process in the, due to mechanical, and mold and the industrial reaction constantly produced heat, dang temperature over material of bear degree products quality on not stable, to plastic products and plating production for cases, plastic products production in the cooling time accounted for full cycle 80% above, cooling time reduced of importance thus, cold water machine (also called frozen machine, and ice water machine, and frozen water machine, and cooling machine) can timely absorption heat, makes die cavity temperature fast reduced, accelerated products stereotypes, shortened open surface.

Below we bring you understanding of chillers in the industrial classification:

1. water-cooled chillers

2. water cooled screw chiller 3. air cooled chillers

4. air cooled screw chiller

5. cold water chiller, laser chillers