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Commercial Grade Water Chillers
Aug 13, 2016

                                                                  Commercial Garde Water Chillers 

Featuring top of the line evaporators and scroll compressors in addition to advanced safety features such as a flow switch and anti freeze protection, Lando commercial grade water chillers are designed to last.

The beauty of these chillers lies in their design. Because they are specifically designed for the garden environment, they will deliver benefits other cooling systems can’t. The built-in redundancy means that they are extra great when operating on a flip schedule – less chillers are needed! Additionally, Lando chillers have a low footprint and are no bigger than a condenser on a standard air conditioner.  Lando water chillers are even designed to operate under extreme conditions, down to -20°F (-29°C)!

Lando’s cooling systems and chillers are designed to be modular, allowing us to design a system of any size, from 5 tons to 5,000 tons, and larger if needed.

Lando’s chillers are assembled in the China and feature only the highest quality components, from the capacitors to the compressors. Each chiller is individually tested for output and if it doesn’t exceed its rating, it doesn’t ship.

These chillers can be used for any chilled water application, but when paired with an appropriately sized air hander, the result is the simplest, most energy efficient climate control system available.