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Grasp the flexible select chiller
Jun 22, 2016

Chiller is used to provide constant, constant-current, constant-voltage water cooling equipment. General chiller adopt import brand accessories, built-in safety water pumps, safe and quiet, less power consumption, current overload protection, the level of suppression and electronic time holdup device, with reverse owed protection and protection against ice. Geweisi water cooled machines are widely used in plastics, electro, industrial, machinery and other industries.

According to the survey, there are many industrial enterprises or chiller machine with water and circulation oil cooling user, buying cold water when you don't know what type of, I don't know what kind of machines more suited to their production. First to figure out what chiller types, manufacturers generally choose water-cooled chiller or air cooled chiller in two ways.

Or if you are installing workshop clean room, we recommend that you install water cooled chiller, full stainless steel water tank evaporators, built-in automatic water setting, cleaning and maintenance is convenient, water cooling chiller compared to air-cooled chiller has high humidity requirement, more suitable in unventilated workshops and practical.