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How to judge the chiller's compressor to overheat
Jun 22, 2016

We know that the chiller in the long run, compressor compressor might overheat failure cannot be run or chiller malfunction. In order to be able to understand and solve chiller compressor overheat, deep chuangyi chiller plant to explain the compressor overheat failure, for the following reasons:

1, compressor overload, over current operation. Possible causes are: cooling water temperature is too high, refrigerant charging too much or refrigeration systems containing noncondensable gases such as air, compressor overload, overcurrent, and accompanied by high voltage fault.

2, chiller compressor caused by electrical fault current operation. If the voltage is too low or unbalanced three-phase power, led current or a current too large; AC contactor is damaged, contact erosion, resulting in exposure to excessive current or phase current is too large.

3, frozen machine overheat protection module SSM damp or damaged, auxiliary relay is damaged, contact bad, showed boot overheat fault, compressor will not start. If the unit electronic board or communications failure, or with incorrect identification of overheat fault.

Operator freezer if they met again when the compressor is overheating fault, please refer to the above problem determination and problem-solving.