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How to Change Hydroponic Garden Plants Water | Lando Hydroponic Water Chillers
Apr 27, 2017

How to Change Hydroponic Garden Plants Water | Lando Hydroponic Chillers ?

Now the hydroponic plants are becoming more and more popular, but the water is not the same as the soil, potted flowers for a year can be a soil, but the hydroponic gardens and hydroponic plants, water must be replaced frequently, water change is an important work of hydroponic plants , If the long-term change of water, the water dissolved oxygen content decreased, will affect the growth and absorption capacity of the root system, the other plants in the physiological activities will be discharged some harmful substances, when the water hypoxia and high levels of harmful substances will lead to plant growth Bad, and even death.

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The article will let us know how to change the water of hydroponic systems:

1.changing water time

General changing water time to 5-7 days is appropriate But change the water as the season may be, just hydroponics flowers, requiring 1-2 days for water 1 times.

Summer plants grow strong, high temperature, water perishable, time should be shortened. Winter plants are mostly in the dormant or dormant state, the temperature is low, the water exchange interval can be longer. In general, the changing intervals are shorter and beneficial to plant growth.


2. Root and nutrition tank cleaning

In the water, the root should be cleaned, the water can be washed away on the roots of the mucus, and part of the root rot and loss of capacity has been cut off the old roots. After a period of use of the nutrition tank, the wall will adhere to a sediment, but also easy to raw moss, change the water should also be clean.


3. the depth of water

In the hydroponic systems, often the roots are immersed in water, but from the experience of cultivation, the water should not be added too much, and a small amount of root exposed in the air, so that the root can absorb dissolved oxygen in water, but also Absorb oxygen from the air.


4.the nutrient solution temperature management

Nutrient solution and plant roots in connection, so the temperature of the nutrient solution should be close to the root fertility appropriate temperature. Temperature discomfort will affect the root of the absorption of metabolic function, hinder the growth and development of plants. In general, the maximum liquid temperature should not exceed 28 ℃, the minimum liquid temperature should not be less than 15 ℃. Most plants have an optimum liquid temperature of 18-20 ° C

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   In Winter hydroponic system is mainly the problem of low rhizosphere temperature, hydroponic plant roots directly immersed in the nutrient solution, but also to ensure that the appropriate liquid temperature. Improve the temperature of the nutrient solution, on the one hand, the cultivation bed with good insulation properties of the material construction, on the other hand is installed in the storage tank heating device, directly on the nutrient solution heating. Heater, heating wire heating can be used as a means to improve the temperature of the nutrient solution, but the best with the temperature controller, but also pay attention to safety.

In the summer, the method of cooling the nutrient solution is more difficult, mainly the use of underground storage pool, the nutrient solution heat conduction to the ground. Therefore, to increase the number of nutrient cycles and cycle time. More convenient and quick way, is the use of orchid technology soilless cultivation of refrigerators, thermostats. Chillers are directly pumped through the water pump nutrient tank water, in the machine inside the tank cooling and cooling, to the best temperature of the soil-free plant roots. Constant temperature machine can be summer cooling, winter heating, constant temperature control.


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