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Hydropnic Water Chillers supply in china
Aug 04, 2016

Hydroponic Water Chillers 


What Size Water Chiller Do You Need?

If you’re set on getting a water chiller, it’s vital to know the size of your reservoir in relation to know what size chiller you need.

Here’s the best formula:

  1. As accurately as possible, calculate how much water is in your hydroponic system.

  2. During the hottest part of the day, turn everything in your garden that produces heat on. The goal is to let the room get to max temperature.

  3. Now, chill your system down to your desired temp (often 60-70F). Do this with sealed bags of ice or frozen two liter bottles so you won’t be adding extra water to your system.

  4. Once you reach your desired water temperature, remove the ice from the system and circulate the water.

  5. Start a timer and write down the starting temperature.

  6. One hour later, write down the current temperature.

  7. Subtract your starting temp from your 1 hour temp and write it down - this is your temperature differential.

  8. Now, use the following formula to calculate the BTUs you need:

Gallons of Water X 8.34 (weight of a gallon of water) X Temperature Differential

Now you know how many BTUs you need to adequately chill your system.