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Hydroponics Gardening Supplies
Oct 15, 2016

Why use a hydroponics water chiller for my nutrient solution?

Shenzhen LANDO Company was the largest and most experienced supplier of  hydroponics, aquariums and mini laser chillers supplies. We are a manufactures for leading brand name suppliers in China .

Using a water chillier for a hydroponics nutrient solution can be highly beneficial for the rapid and healthy growth of plants. A hydroponics system in most cases uses a circulating pump to circulate the water solution around the system whether DWC, NFT or flood and drain which itself adds heat to the water. Add to that the ambient temperature of the surroundings and indoor lights, water temperature in a indoor growing environment can rise to levels where water oxygen holding levels can be extremely poor. When grown in soil, plants roots are always kept at a steady temperature naturally, but when grown in water the latent heat content makes water a good conductor for heat from the surroundings, hence why water is used as a coolant in automotive, industrial and manufacturing processes.

It is very important to buy a hydroponics water chiller with a titanium heat exchanger. If your chiller has not got a titanium heat exchanger than contamination between the metal can spoil the nutrient solution. Because many hydroponics nutrient solutions have a high acid or alkaline content this can corrode cheap base metals to the extent that metal peroration and contamination of the water becomes a issue to your background water levels.