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Industrial chillers use in modern industry
Jun 22, 2016

In the rapid development of modern technology of the 21st century, in order to increase productivity, improve product quality, reduce production costs, increasing demand for the temperature control of the production process. In all industries need industrial chiller, main sectors of application are:

1 vacuum equipment, chillers can support such chillers meet the demands of high quality vacuum equipment, such as molecular pumps, small vacuum coating machine.

2, the chillers supporting use of medical laser equipment, unique characteristics of water treatment for this type of chillers, making it ideal for medical laser equipment auxiliary laboratory equipment.

Cold water machine in using of process in the must to note: first using zhiqian slot within should joined liquid media, second using work power should according to this machine model determine, power power should is greater than or is equal to instrument total power, power must has good of grounding, again cold water machine should placed in dry ventilation at, Hou was and the to that side left obstacles 400mm distance, last in using finished cold water machine Hou, all switch reset shut machine state, received Xia power plug, with sucking ball, skin tube put slot within of liquid sucking dry.

3, chiller can be used experimental refrigeration equipment, such as Rotary evaporator, distillation, condensate pipe, temperature control, temperature stability, high efficiency condensing characteristics, can effectively increase the recovery rate. While its fluid purification functions, to avoid pipe blockage in circulation, growth of micro-organisms.

4, chillers can support Semiconductor Laser device using Semiconductor Laser equipment due to its special structure, higher requirements on water quality.

5. chiller can be used in the plastics industry, accurate mold temperature control of all kinds of plastic processing, shorten the period of beer plastic to ensure product quality stability.

6. the chiller can be used in the electronics industry, stable molecular structure of internal electronic components on the production line, improve the rate of electronic components should be used in ultrasonic cleaning industry, effective cleaning agent to prevent expensive volatile and volatile bring harm.

7. the chiller can be used in the construction industry, supply of chilled water for concrete, concrete structure construction purpose requirements, effectively improve the hardness and toughness of concrete.

8. the chiller can be used in the chemical industry, mainly used in chemical reaction (chemical heat exchanger) cool, time away due to chemical reactions and episodes of extraordinary heat in order to arrive to cool (cooling) purposes, to improve the quality of products.

9. the chiller can be used in the mechanical industry, control of oil temperature of hydraulic system pressure, stability of hydraulic oil temperature, prolong the time oil, improve the efficiency of machinery lubrication, reducing wear.