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Laser chillers
Jun 22, 2016

Laser chillers are a type of water cooling equipments, mainly through the cooling water tank temperature cycle cooling, have the function of constant temperature and constant-voltage, constant-current, the market is also known as: laser cooling water tanks, cooling, the temperature cooler, water cooler ... ...

As its name suggests, it through compressor refrigeration capacity frozen tank in of pure water, then put cooling water with to laser machine of machine cavity within to cooling laser machine of fever of module, laser within cavity and Q head, especially Q head in work when temperature is very high of, if in no water or no cold water machine of situation Xia, has may work 3 seconds on will makes Q head burned. Laser chillers also has a water filter, filter impurities in the recycled water, to prevent the pipe from non-fouling phenomena, make the operation of laser equipment more secure. Laser machines imported from Hitachi compressors, highly efficient and stable performance, combined with a special control panel, you can make the control accuracy of ± 0.1 ℃, small precision control, laser temperature impact less efficiency and more stable, production and processing of products will also be more fine perfect! Laser cold water machines and traffic protection, when the water flow is less than the set value, the compressor will stop working automatically, ensure greater safety of laser equipment used.

Can say laser chillers use not only enables the laser to the safe work, and ensure the safe use of laser and the use of life, more important is to make the laser work efficiency and precision of work to reach the peak, for enterprises to create more profits!