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Laser Cutting Machine Usage Water Chiller,Co2 Laser Water Chiller Cooling Systems
Apr 18, 2017

Shenzhen Lando technology Industrial Co.,ltd and production of Co2 Laser Water Chiller . 

Our LD-5200 can be used to cool the cooling machine fiber laser engraving machine cooling, Cooling UV LED light curing.  

The feature of LD-5200 Co2 Water Chiller For Laser Machine : 

  1. Refrigeration volume up 1200W-2300W, using environmental cold media;

     2. volume small, longevity durable, operation simple; 

     3. temperature control precision can up ± 0.3 ℃; 

     4. cold water wit can temperature control apparatus has two species temperature control mode applies different of           using occasions; has variety set and fault displayed function; 

     5. has variety alarm protection function: compressor delay protection; compressor had flow protection, flow alarm;           temperature super high/low alarm; 

     6. more country power specifications, CE RoHS certification; 

LD-5200 Laser Cooling System technical data: 

1. operating voltage: 110V/220V; 

2. Operating frequency: 50Hz/60Hz; 

3. Operating current: 1-5.6A; 

4. Pump power: 0.03KW/0.051KW/0.1KW; 

5. water tank capacity: 8L; 

6. Head: 10M-25M; Traffic: 10L/min-16L/min; 

7. Net weight: 40KG; Gross weight: 45KG; 

Water Cooled Laser Water Chiller order hotline: 15814051508 

Lando, was founded in Shenzhen City in 2012, is a development, production and sales of small industrial chiller and seafood restaurant temperature machine company. After several years of development, the company has a large number of experienced professional development and technical personnel, 50,000 units of annual capacity of cold water machine, product yield rate up to 80%. Company products are cooled industrial chiller and seafood restaurant thermostat unit for the production of core, energy efficient refrigeration, precision intelligent temperature controller, designed with the features of the modern equipment and production. Lando, Shenzhen science and technology in the production of Water Cooled co2 Laser Chiller Unit ,Laser Machine Water Chiller , small industrial laser chillers is mainly used in fiber lasers, high power CO2 laser cooling in professional fields such as, widely used in clothing, cutting, engraving, printing, marking, tooling, glasses, chemical and other industries. 

Major exports to the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy and the world. For thousands of manufacturers at home and abroad to provide long-term support equipment and technical support. Companies to implement standardized modern enterprise management mode, we provide high-quality service, not only pay attention to service, more service-oriented, in order to provide our customers with professional, efficient and comprehensive services, Lando technology has always been "quality, hard service" dedicated to your service .

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