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Simply Hydroponics - What is Hydroponics?
Mar 30, 2017

What is the Hydroponic Water Chillers ? 

(A) hydroponics refers to the plant roots directly contact with the nutrient solution, without matrix method of cultivation. 

First grown in hydroponics is the plant root into the nutrient solution, this way for lack O2 phenomenon affecting root respiration, which cause root death. In order to resolve issues for the O2, the British Cooper in 1973 and raised hydroponic nutrient solution film method, referred to as "NFT" (Nutrient Film Technique). 

Its principle is to make a very thin film of nutrient solution (0.5-1 cm) layers, continue through roots, which ensure a continued supply of crops for water and nutrients, and constantly root fresh O2 supply. NFT cultivation of crops, irrigation technology greatly simplifies, without daily crop water requirements, supply of nutrient balance.  

Root system and soil separation, soil-borne diseases can be avoided, without the need for soil fumigation. 

(B) the fog (gas) also known as vapor or mist. It is nutrition liquid gas will be compressed on the mist and spray directly to crop roots, root hanging in the space within the container. Are usually made of polypropylene foam plate, which bore a certain distance, the cultivated crop in the holes. Two foam boards made of oblique triangles, forming space for liquid pipelines through in a triangular space, to drape down and spray on the roots. 

General spray for a few seconds every 2-3 minutes, nutrient recycling, while ensuring the roots have plenty of oxygen.  But equipment costs are too high, you need to consume a lot of power, and cannot be power outages, no room for cushioning, is still confined to the application of scientific research, not on a large scale production. (Iii) substrate substrate cultivation in soilless culture is a way of promoting the largest. 

It is the roots of crops will be fixed in organic or inorganic matrix, through drip or trickle irrigation methods supplied crop nutrition. Substrates can be put inside a plastic bag, or shop in the planting furrow or Groove.  Soilless culture nutrient solution is not cyclic, known as an open system, which can prevent diseases spread through nutrient cycle. Substrate buffer capacity, there is no moisture, nutrients, and contradictions between the for O2, and the device is water and aeroponics is simple, don't even need power, low investment, low cost, widely used in the production.  

From the status quo, medium is the most practical way. Many European countries widely used substrate is rock wool (Rockwool), which is composed of 60%-diabase, 20% Coke mixture of limestone and 20%, 1600 c high temperature calcined melted and sprayed fiber 0.005 mm in diameter, then crushed the cooling plate or a variety of shapes. Advantages of Rockwool are forming products (rock bolts, blocks, plates, and so on), use easy to carry, and can be repeatedly used after disinfection. But after a few years of use can no longer be used, it is more difficult to treat waste rock wool, use Rockwool cultivation area of biggest Dutch, forming pollution. 

So, now some people in Japan advocates the utilization of organic substrates, can be turned into compost in the soil after use and do not pollute the environment.

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