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Type selection of water chillers
Jun 22, 2016

Chiller is the heart of the central air conditioning system, proper selection of chiller, not only is the assurance of successful engineering design, and have a long-term impact on the operation of the system. Therefore, the chiller selection is an important part of the work.

(-) Selection of the chiller consideration:

The use of a building.

Performance and characteristics of various types of water chiller.

The local water supply (including water temperature and water quality), power and heat source (including heat source type, nature and quality). Annual air conditioning cooling load of buildings (thermal loading) distribution. The initial investment and operating costs.

Freon refrigeration agents limited duration and the possibility of using alternative refrigerants.

(B) the chiller selection Note:

Considering the above factors, when selecting a chiller, you should also note the following points:

1. Large cold source of central air conditioning systems, suitable for compact structure, covering an area of small and compressors, motors, condensers, evaporators and automatic control components are assembled in the same frame on the chiller. For small air conditioning systems, direct evaporative condensing units should be used.

2. The suitable heat source especially with waste heat or waste heat or place of lack of electricity, absorption chillers should be adopted.

3. Refrigeration units generally use 2~4, small and medium size suitable for 2, a large selection of 3, large selection 4. Unit should consider the possibility of the standby switch and use each other. Can be used in the same room in different types, the mix of units of different capacity modular programmes to save energy consumption. In parallel operation the unit should be at least choose a higher degree of automation, better performance, to ensure efficient operation of the unit under partial load. When you select the reciprocating chillers should be preferred multi-head automatic control of chillers.

4. When you select the power-driven chillers, when stand-alone air conditioning refrigeration quantity φ >1163kW,, suitable for centrifugal; when φ =582~1163kW, suitable for centrifugal or screw type; when φ <582kW, suitable piston.

5. Electric refrigerator the coefficient of performance COP than the thermal coefficient of absorption chillers, the former is more than twice of the latter times. Energy consumption from low to high order: centrifugal, screw, piston, and absorption (foreign in centrifugal-style machine screw). But each has its own characteristics in various kinds of unit, applying their skills.

6. When choosing a refrigerator should take account of the pollution of the environment: the first is noise and vibration, and to meet the requirements of the surrounding environment; the second is hazards of refrigerants CFCs on the ozone layer of the atmosphere and greenhouse sizes, special attention to CFCs disabled schedules. Prevention of pollution from CFCs has obvious advantages in absorption chillers.

7. No special room or air conditioning retrofit installation project will be to consider chiller selection module.

8. Domestic unit as possible. Refrigeration equipment industry in China in the last decade has been the rapid development, the vast majority of properties are close to the international advanced level, especially small and medium sized chillers, fully can be compared with imported products, and has incomparable advantages in price. Therefore, under equal conditions, preference should be given domestic cold water unit.