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Wall-mounted Stainless Steel Water Cooler, Direct Chilling 100LPH
Sep 14, 2016

Why use a hydroponics water chiller for my nutrient solution?

Using a water chillier for a hydroponics nutrient solution can be highly beneficial for the rapid and healthy growth of plants. A hydroponics system in most cases uses a circulating pump to circulate the water solution around the system whether DWC, NFT or flood and drain which itself adds heat to the water. Add to that the ambient temperature of the surroundings and indoor lights, water temperature in a indoor growing environment can rise to levels where water oxygen holding levels can be extremely poor. When grown in soil, plants roots are always kept at a steady temperature naturally, but when grown in water the latent heat content makes water a good conductor for heat from the surroundings, hence why water is used as a coolant in automotive, industrial and manufacturing processes.


Plants Roots Require Good Oxygen Levels

Plants roots require a good oxygen flow and water can hold more oxygen at lower temperatures. In most hydroponics systems the ideal water temperature needs to be between 22DegC and 24DegC in temperature, pathogens like warm water and can soon take hold in warm water conditions. When water is cooled the plant gets all the right signals and a good level of oxygen which ticks a important box.