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Water quality requirements for laser cooling
Jun 22, 2016

Is like a laser device of laser cooling lubricant, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser equipment are indispensable partner! Not only laser of laser cooling work efficiently when the heat generated by cooled lasers, can also increase the laser's precision and productivity of work, indirectly, to bring greater benefits to the enterprise.

So how can we use laser chillers, and maximize effectiveness of it? The daily routine, we not only need to regularly clean cold water machines filter dust, but also to keep the water clean, there are impurities in the water tank is not allowed! Due to laser equipment for water requirements very high, so recommends trial distilled water, is no words pure water or mineral water also can, but mineral water in the contains large of minerals, long time of using and precipitation will in tank cycle water in the produced impurities, and cycle water in after laser rod and Q head of when, due to inside contains impurities, also will gradually of in Q head and krypton lamp formed impurities precipitation. In the accumulation of surface, this work will have an impact, will have impacts on the rate of the laser light and strength! This would certainly lead to luminous uneven, fineness of processed products declined, quality is not qualified! And long periods of precipitation accumulation, will produce fouling phenomena, that often leads to Q overheating or even burned.

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