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Water Cooled Chillers of Work Principle
Mar 28, 2017

Water Cooled Chillers of work principle:

The refrigeration workers quality (that refrigeration agent) in evaporator within absorption was cooling real of heat and vaporization into steam, compressor constantly to will produced of steam from evaporator in the taking, and for compression, by compression Hou of high temperature, and high pressure steam was sent to condensation device Hou to cooling media (as water, and air,) radiated condensation into high pressure liquid, in by throttle institutions buck Hou into evaporator, again vaporization, absorption was cooling objects of heat, so cycle to cycle. 

Hot refrigerant is changing the direction of refrigerant flow through the four-way valve, refrigeration and refrigerant flow direction exactly opposite, the refrigerant through the evaporator, then returned to the condenser, and finally back to the compressor. 

Water cooler options: first, to find out what chiller which is divided into several types, manufacturers, both are water cooled and air cooled. 

① air cooled chiller, with holding tank and pump in the fuselage without additional cooling towers cooling easy to install and move, but its higher requirements on working conditions, first of all, because it is hot air circulation for cooling, so if you install workplace ventilation is not good, will directly affect the chiller cooling effect. In addition, if you want to put cold water in the clean room where humidity is a requirement, it is recommended that modified water cooled. Air cooled chiller, spewing water vapor to cooling. 

② water-cooled chillers, and can be divided into open, sealed (referred to as box-type) and the screw. First, to make it clear that water-chiller, to install cooling towers and water pump, which pumps hot water heat. To achieve the effect good cooling effect. 

③ Open chiller, or to install an additional tank, sealing is not necessary, because he has a built-in water tank. open is normally installed somewhere outside the shop, his easy maintenance, but not beautiful, 

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