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What Is The Aquarium Water Chillers ?
Jun 24, 2017

What Is The Aquarium Water Chillers ? 

The Aquarium Water Chillers Description :

If you want to enjoy observing fish and other marine life on a daily basis, you may wish to purchase a small aquarium . 

For the aquarium typically contains a water filtration system, an aquarium water chiller , and an artificial light. 

The majority of aquarium fish, both freshwater and marine, hail from the tropics. However, in a heat wave or under the light of high-powered aquarium lighting you can heat 

aquarium water beyond safe temperatures. When aquarium water gets above 82 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to take steps to cool the water .

Marine aquarium temperatures should mimic the natural environment of the inhabitants and are most commonly maintained at 20 to 28 °C (70 to 82 °F). 

when the ambient temperature is less than the desired temperature of the aquarium this generally necessitates the use of an aquarium heater. 

when the ambient temperature is greater than the desired temperature, or for coldwater systems, refrigeration devices known as "Aquarium Water chillers" are used to cool the aquarium water.  Shenzhen Lando Aquarium Water Chillers with Cooling and Warming function .

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The Aquarium Water Chillers Advantage:

1. Corrosion resistant titanium heat exchange cools efficiently

2. Energy Efficiency: Provide the best BTU heat removal capacity with the lowest amperage draw. More electricity savings.

3. Full Auto Digital Temperature Control System

4. Efficient and reliable brand compressor saves money by using less electricity

5. Lowest Noise and Vibration Level

6. Refrigerant: Uses Ozone Friendly Refrigerant (R134a or R410a )

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The Aquarium Water Chillers Application :

1.  Have aquarium water chillers available from 1/13HP to 5HP .

2.  Ideal for keeping your aquarium at the perfect temperature

3.  Ideal for keeping hydroponic solution in your reservoir at the perfect temperature.

4.  Also fit for cooling industrial laser machine ,cooling Uv led laser machine and cooling Uv led printers .

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