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Chiller Repair And Maintenance
Jun 22, 2016

Chiller's open and shut down air conditioning in order to ensure that the host starts running, you must ensure:

① condenser cooling good, otherwise they will be in the cold-curing temperature and corresponds to the condensing pressure is too high, cold water unit high pressure protection device and parking, and even lead to failure.

② evaporator in cold water circulation, otherwise they will be in the cold water temperature is low, leading to cold water temperature protection device stopping or low evaporation temperature and the evaporation pressure, low voltage protection devices is chiller stopped, or even cold water freezing in the evaporator and damage equipment. Therefore, the chiller boot sequence as: (must be strictly adhered to) open--> cooling water pump of cooling tower fan--> open open open chiller--> chiller chilled water pumps shut down the order: (must be strictly adhered to) chillers to stop--> stop--> stop--> cooling water pump of cooling tower fan cooling water pump stops