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Chiller's Future
Jun 22, 2016


Called the chiller, refrigeration equipment referred to broadly the same as we. Refers to a generalized refrigerator refrigeration industry all associated with refrigerating machinery and equipment, that is, all the machinery and equipment used in the refrigeration industry, can be called refrigerator.

Refrigerator of main performance index has work temperature (on steam gas compression type refrigerator for evaporation temperature and condensation temperature, on gas compression type refrigerator and semiconductor refrigerator for was cold objects of temperature and cooling media of temperature), refrigeration volume (Refrigerator units time within from was cooling objects moved to of heat), and power or consumption heat, and refrigeration coefficient (measure compression type refrigerator economic sex of index, refers to consumption units work by can get of cold volume) and thermal coefficient (measure absorption type and steam jet type refrigerator economic sex of index, Means the unit consumption of heat can get cold). With a modern refrigerator most vapor-compression chiller applications.

But some refrigerators is not commonly used, and some refrigerators are often used.

Often mentioned or used refrigerator there are chillers, industrial chiller (s) ice dispenser, freezer, freezer ... ... For a while.

Chillers and industrial chiller:

Refrigeration refrigerator to remove most of the industry that began more than 20 years of market profits, now basically has sent prices into a transparent, market saturation of the times. 80 and have been a far cry from the refrigerator market. In such a market are the ordinary, only cold water in the refrigerator and industrial chiller also maintained a fairly quickly on the rise, is commendable. Chillers and industrial water chiller is not only a refrigerator and two refrigeration equipment is very important in the refrigerator.

Compared with other refrigerators, chillers and industrial chillers, wide range of applications. In addition to the refrigeration industry, chillers and industrial chillers are also widely used in HVAC, electroplating, metal, electronics, plastics, chemicals, and so on in other industries, you can meet with industrial water chiller unit the figure of a wide range of services, because of its cross-industry use, so profit margins are relatively large chillers and industrial water chiller.

Application of cold water and industrial water chiller:

Chillers and industrial water chillers is a refrigeration device that provides chilled water, can according to user's need to provide -30~20 of frozen water or a chemical solution. It is particularly suitable for plating, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, food additives and other production line of cooling as well as enterprises and institutions need central air conditioning or chilled water production to the demand of the place.

A case study of electroplating industry: this industry is used to chillers, industrial chillers in the refrigerator. But due to the plating industry have a lot of acid and alkaline solution needs to cool down, which is great, life is not long, and thus demand for chillers and industrial chillers.

According to sources, is the plating equipment manufacturing center of Guangdong, electroplating industry has a very important position. Zhongshan City Transit refrigeration technology company as an example, they produced refrigerator especially in chiller and popular industrial chillers, is the national refrigerator industry model of chillers and industrial water chiller.

Refrigerator water cooler industrial chiller opportunities

According to the "Eleven-Five" development plan, heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry will have a greater development, and cold water in the refrigerator and industrial chillers are more affected by varying degrees of importance. And with the development of science of refrigeration, new refrigerators will be more and more in the refrigeration industry, chillers and industrial chiller the industry involved will become more and more wide range, which contains the business opportunity, nature is obvious.