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Chillers Fault
Jun 22, 2016

1, low evaporation pressure:


(1) the lack of cold water.

(2) less cooling load.

(3) orifices failure (only low evaporation pressure).

(4) the evaporator tube heat deterioration due to pollution of scale (only low evaporation pressure).

(5) lack of refrigerant (only low evaporation pressure).

The solution:

(1) check the cold water circuit, cold water to reach the rated water.

(2) check the setting temperature of the automatic stopping device.

(3) check that the expansion pipe is open.

(4) clean the tube.

(5) add refrigerant to the desired amount.

2, the condensing pressure is too high:


(1) the lack of cold water.

(2) cooling tower capacity.

(3) cold water temperature is too high the refrigerating capacity is too large, the condenser load increases.

(4) the presence of air.

(5) the condenser pipe scale, pollution, deterioration of heat transfer.

Treatment methods:

(1) check the cooling water circuit adjusted to the rated flow.

(2) check the cooling tower.

(3) check the expansion pipe, the cold water temperature is close to the rated temperature as soon as possible.

(4) the pumping operation to exclude air, pumping devices need to run frequently, you must identify air leakage into the parts to eliminate.

(5) cleaning the pipes.

3, bad oil pressure too low:


(1) oil filter clogging.

(2) the oil pressure regulating valve (relief valve) opening is too large.

(3) the output of the pump less oil.

(4) the bearing wear.

(5) the oil pressure gauges (or sensor) failure.

(6) mixed too much refrigerant in oil (the oil pressure is too low due to start oil foaming).

Treatment methods:

(1) replace the oil filter.

(2) turn down rose to rated oil pressure oil pressure oil pressure regulating valve.

(3) check the dissolution.

(4) after the collapse of replacement of bearings.

(5) check oil pressure gauges, back pressure sensor calibration, if necessary, replaced.

(6) the chiller after stopping putting oil heater must be, given the oil temperature (confirmed oil heater has no broken, oil heater temperature control setting is correct).