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How to cool your hydroponic nutrition tank in summer ?
May 29, 2017

How to cool your hydroponic nutrition tank in summer ? 

With over 10 years of experience in developing and producing water chillers, Shenzhen Lando Technology Co., Ltd has a huge plant of about 5000 square meters set up in the Long gang District in Shenzhen; All Lando Water Chiller manufacturing is done with the highest quality, and according to internationally recognized certifications including CE, SGS, and ROHS. Shenzhen Lando Technology has developed hydroponic water chillers for a cold-water machine which gives way to various types of nutrient solutions in terms of cooling, the cooling capacity within this is stable as well thus you can be totally sure of it. 

Our US customer constantly point out that during the summer, the room is usually at 30 degrees and since the temperature of nutritional tank is 34-36 degrees long and there are no possibilities of reducing this temperature of the nutrient  solution. Using a fan helps bring the water’s temperature down however the most effective way is to use Lando hydroponic water chillers to cool the tank water fast ,also it is conserve energy. The water which needs to be cooled, travels through a pump to reach the the tank of lando water chiller .the cooling coil evaporates the water and reduces the temperature, the process however of the liquid evaporating requires a lot of heat to be absorbed; this means your water is being cooled well. 

The electrical controls of the Lando water chiller are set by the IC system in order to keep a steady supply of the nutrient solution temperature, the flow of the water and the water’s temperature, the solution for the nutrient heating and cooling aspects have been adjusted so they help the growth of the nutrient solution demand.

In every relationship with the customer, Shenzhen Lando technology Industrial Co.,ltd has always done its best to put the customer’s first and make sure after-sales service 7*24 hours . With regards to this, Our US customer are happy with cooperation with Shenzhen  Lando  company. 

Shenzhen Lando Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., specialized in producing and manufacturing hydroponic water chillers, Aquarium Water Chillers, seafood water chillers and industrial water chiller . The Lando company has a perfect laboratory test system to simulate the actual use of the Lando water chillers environment and high temperature testing, while constantly improve the quality of lando water chiller ,Only to let each customer be assured . Shenzhen Lando Water Chillers has with an annual production capacity of 10,000 units . Give each customer a guarantee of confidence ! 

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