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how to keep your laser cool
Mar 11, 2017

How to keep your laser cool ?


Shehzhen Lando Technology Industrial Co.,ltd which leading manufacturer of industrial portable chillers and laser Water Chillers for keep cool Co2 lase tube ,UV LED Curing System and other laser processes.


Product Description


Chillers and cooling systems for industrial lasers, welding and other laser processes.

We supply Laser Chillers withh trademark " Lando " located in shenzhen , China .


Lase Water Chillers Performance characteristics :

1. high efficiency and energy saving, the heat transfer coefficient is 6000-8000W/m2.0C.


2. stainless steel manufacture, long service life, can reach more than 20 year


3. change laminar flow is turbulent, improves the heat exchange efficiency, reduces the thermal resistance.


4. heat transfer speed, high temperature (400 DEG C), resistant to high pressure (2.5Mpa).


5. has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, light weight, easy installation, saving construction investment.


6. flexible design, complete specifications, practical strong pertinence, save money.


7. conditions of application widely, applicable to large pressure, temperature range and a variety of medium heat exchange.


8. low maintenance cost, easy to operate, the cleaning cycle is long, easy cleaning.


9. the use of nano thermal film technology, significantly increase the heat transfer coefficient.


10. the broad field of application, and can be widely used in factories and mines, thermal power, petrochemical industry, city central heating, food and medicine, electronic energy, light industry machinery and other fields.


Laser Chillers Detail specification:


1.Brand Compressor .


2.Evaporator is copper shell and tube type,copper tube wall thickness is 1.0mm.


3.Condenser is  Horizontal shell-and-tube/Coil type high efficiency copper heat exchanger

Laser Water Chillers Supply

Laser Water Chillers Supply 

Laser Water Chillers Supply