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Lando Water Chillers
May 10, 2017

The mission of Lando Water Chillers is to provide a high quality dependable Water Chiller .Our focus is to serve a diverse market through customer satisfaction, innovative ideas and flexibilit.

Shenzhen Lando Technology Industrial Co.,ltd began in the late 2001,which located in Shenzhen, China. In 2001, the company began manufacturing Aquarium Water chillers for Aquarium industry and Hydroponic Water Chillers for hydroponic industries. Now we develop all chillers line .( included Aquarium Chillers , Hydroponic Chillers, Laser Water Chillers , Mini Industrial Chillers ) .

As a thriving water chiller unit manufacturer with an expanded product offering, manufacturing and support staff. The company's focus was to provide flexible cooling and heating solutions for all industries through the use of high quality components. By maintaining a cost effective, rugged, dependable product line with many custom features, our client base grew to include many more industries.

Over the years our sales and application support teams have learned to make recommendations for most any application. The Lando Water Chillers manufacturing facility is capable of producing equipment with an endless list of options and modifications to meet virtually any customer need or specific application.

All our Lando Water Chillers are sold to all over the world . Would like to share with customers the success and experience . Work togehter to drive the development of the industry .

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Hydroponic Water Chillers

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