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Laser Chiller Chiller Installation Method And Laser Repair Method
Jun 22, 2016

Laser chillers in our daily life can be hard to see, but in factories producing laser chillers are often used to cut, according to the different laser intensity, and impact of their work is different. In the course of work, due to the high temperature causes the laser to not work properly, and cold water at this time played a key role, to ensure the machine's operation. A laser chillers installed correctly relates the machine correctly, use machine failure occurred after frequency, so very important.

Installation instructions

Laser cold water machine installation is very simple to use, the new machine for the first time using the following steps:

1, open the packaging, check that the machine is in good condition, accessories are available.

2, open the machine water adding cooling water.

When water is added at the same time observe the water level the water level gradually add water, be careful not to let the water overflow! for carbon steel cooling equipment should be added the right amount of corrosion protection agents. In Northern cold region using the notation should be non-corrosive antifreeze.

3, according to equipment connect the outlet hose, inlet pipe.

4, plug in the power cord, turn on the power switch. (No boot without water!)

(1) turn on the power switch, the cold water circulation pump starts working. New machine when it is turned on for the first time will have more bubbles in the pipe causing machine occasionally flow alarm operation will return to normal after a few minutes.

(2) after the first boot, you must immediately check whether the pipe pipe leaks.

(3) after turning the power on, if the water temperature is below the set temperature, devices such as the fan of the machine does not work is a normal phenomenon. Thermostat according to the set parameters automatic control compressor, solenoid valves, fans and other devices work.

(4) devices such as compressors have a long startup process, according to different working conditions ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes, do not frequent switching machine.

5, check the tank water level.

New boot after emptying the water in the air, the tank water level fell slightly, in order to maintain the water level in the green zone, can some add water again. Observe and note the current water level, water machine observe the water level again after running for some time, if the water level drops significantly, will again check pipe line leakage.

6, adjust the thermostat parameters.

5300 chillers using intelligent temperature controller normally does not need to adjust the control parameter, if necessary, refer to manual.