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Laser Water Cooling Machine Installation Site Requirements
Jun 22, 2016

Laser chillers installed in select locations, laser cooling confidential in accordance with a solid level surface should be as close to the cooling machines, laser cooling is suitable for installation in indoor environments, environments to optimum temperature is 8 ℃ ~ 35℃, relative humidity of not more than 80%. If you can, near the chiller should be installed in sites with a proper drainage system, so prevent silting of water due to leaks. Do not install in a corrosive gas, wet, or excessive dust or where the room temperature is too high. For ease of installation and operation, chiller is equipped with castors and front wheels can be locked so that it can be fixed on the job; to prevent voltage drops, cold water should be as close to the power supply. We do not recommend using the power extension cords; chiller cooling fan is eliminated from the machine's rated heat rated cooling capacity is about 1.4 times times, so chiller not against a wall on all sides, setting aside 0.8 meters above the hot air discharge side of space, room with adequate ventilation, fresh air volume needs to be slightly larger than the exhaust chiller or air conditioning cooling with cooling capacity greater than the heat.